Goggin Energy is a locally-owned energy services company dedicated to helping Maine homeowners and business owners maximize indoor comfort while conserving energy. We design and install custom energy efficient systems drawing from our partner portfolio of best-in-class heat pumps, solar electricity (PV), and heat pump water heaters.

Our History & Philosophy

Goggin Energy is a division of The Goggin Company, which has been in business since 1999. Our background is in commercial real estate development and property management. Since our founding, we have become increasingly concerned about the impact of the built environment on our planet. We believe that the world has reached a tipping point, and that residents of the U.S. have to play their part in reducing our energy consumption and specifically the combustion of fossil fuels at each of our homes.

The Goggin Approach

At Goggin Energy, we are mission oriented. We believe in transparency and honesty and in the importance of knowing the numbers. We take pride in bringing Mainers energy solutions that are rooted in expertise, applied building science, and personal attention. Our unique approach emphasizes quality on three fronts:

  • System design

  • Equipment selection

  • Installation

Whether you are considering a mini split heat pump for supplemental heating, want to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels with a whole house heat pump, or are ready to make the switch to solar electricity, our team will design a system that is customized to the unique energy needs of your home.

We hope that you will choose to take action and change our reliance on fossil fuels at our homes and buildings — and that you will choose Goggin Energy as your partner in walking that path.

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