May 1, 2021

Please see important announcement below from Efficiency Maine:

To continue the widespread popularity of heat pumps with our limited budgets, we are reducing rebate amounts by 20% effective 5/1/21. 

As of 5/1/21, the following heat pump rebates are changing:

Tier 1 first indoor units are going from $500 to $400

Tier 2 second indoor units are going from $250 to $200

Tier 2 first indoor units are going from $1,000 to $800, and 

Tier 2 second indoor  units are going from $500 to $400.

In additon, rebates for installations on or after 5/1/21 must be be claimed within 90 days of installation. This is a change from the part 12-month window. 

There are no other eligibility changes and low- and moderate-income first-unit heat pump rebate amounts are not impacted. 

In order to minimim impact on homeowners who have already received a quote, the follow upgrades are grandfathers:

1. Heat pumps installed before 5/1/202 or

2. Heat pumps quoted prior to 5/1/21 and installed and claimed by 7/31/21.