Insulation saves you money on heating and cooling.

Most homes have too little insulation and too many air leaks. Properly installed insulation can take care of both problems and is generally one of the best investments you can make in your house. But what type (or types) of insulation will work best in your house, and where does your house need insulation the most? The answer depends on how your house is insulated, and your budget. There are many types of insulation available today, and they each have pros and cons. Our energy auditors can help explain the different options and come up with a strategy for your house.

Most of Maine falls in Climate Zone 6. The International Building Code specifies minimum levels of insulation in new construction for our climate. Many energy efficient homes are putting in even higher levels of insulation. We can discuss with you what would be the most cost effective approach for your house.


WHAT INCENTIVES are available?

Efficiency Maine currently offers residential incentives known collectively as the Home Energy Savings Program (HESP). An energy audit is required to receive these incentives for air sealing and insulation. 

The air sealing and insulation work must be done by a participating Efficiency Maine Registered Vendor; DIYers do not qualify for the rebates. Air sealing and insulation rebates require a "Test Out" after any Air Sealing or Insulation work is done; this Test Out is NOT included in our Energy Audit fee. If Goggin Energy is your contractor for your Air Sealing or Insulation work, the Test Out is included in that scope of work at no additional charge.


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