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Goggin Energy provides energy efficient heat pumps, as well as solar PV to residents and businesses in southern Maine.

Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Saves Money

Heat pumps are highly efficient, which means they use less energy than any other system to heat and cool your home. Less energy use = lower energy bills. In addition, electricity prices are more stable than gas and oil, freeing you from worries about unexpectedly high costs.


Heat pumps provide an even source of warmth (and air conditioning!) all year round. No more fluctuating temperatures caused by steam radiators, or fighting with your family to put on a sweater. Heat pumps automatically adjust throughout the day to keep your rooms at a constant, comfortable temperature. They operate quietly, while also filtering dust and allergens to improve air quality.


You can count on your heat pump to keep you warm even when temperatures outside get down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. All units that Goggin Energy uses are more than suitable to get you through Maine winters, and you never have to worry about running out of oil or propane in the middle of a blizzard.

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What our customers are saying:

  • We were quite happy with you and your crew when they were on site here, and the system has performed flawlessly.

    Charlie, Scarborough, Maine
  • We love our new ductless heat pumps, and Goggin Energy was a pleasure to work with. Their whole staff (from sales team to installers) were very knowledgeable, friendly & efficient.

    Mark, Cumberland, Maine
  • Our Fujitsu heat pump was sized right, installed right and priced right. The folks at Goggin have been quick to respond to any questions and issues we’ve raised.

    Chuck, Phippsburg, Maine
  • Every person that we spoke or worked with at Goggin was courteous, professional and competent. From sales to installation everyone listened patiently to our questions or requests and did everything possible to accommodate our needs.

    Tom, Bridgton, Maine
  • I want to thank you and everyone at your company for a very professional installation of our 2 new Mitsubishi heat pumps this past week. Starting with Adam's initial site visit to our home, to the gentleman who pulled everything together today and got the units up and running.

    Kevin, Portland, Maine

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