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Heat pumps provide energy efficient heating and cooling and are an excellent solution for keeping your home comfortable while lowering your energy bills. They come in a variety of system designs, some ductless and some ducted. The team at Goggin Energy can design a solution that is best suited for your home in southern Maine.

What Is a Ductless Heat Pump?

Rather than using baseboard radiators or air ducts to deliver heating and cooling throughout your home, ductless heat pumps (also known as mini-split heat pumps) use wall, floor, or ceiling mounted indoor units. Each indoor unit is connected directly to an outdoor unit without any ductwork, hence the term “ductless.”

You might install one ductless heat pump in your house and use your existing heating system as backup, or you might install multiple units throughout your house for an energy efficient, whole-home solution. Many people install one ductless heat pump in the main living area and one in each bedroom.

What Is a Ducted Heat Pump?

Ducted heat pumps (sometimes called central heat pumps) connect to ductwork to deliver heated and cooled air throughout the house. There are a number of situations where a ducted heat pump is a good choice.

If your home has an existing forced air system, for example, you can simply swap out your furnace and air conditioner for a ducted heat pump — giving you reliable heating and cooling with a much more energy efficient system. Or, if your home has a large attic and several bedrooms on the second floor, you may install a ducted heat pump in the attic and supply each room with ceiling vents. In new construction, ductwork can be designed as part of the plan to provide a nicely concealed heating and cooling system.

Whatever your system configuration, we use powerful design software and experienced installers to make sure your system delivers great results.

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