heat pump on side of house in maine

If you’re looking to increase home comfort while saving on your energy bills, now might be the time to upgrade to an energy efficient heat pump. Goggin Energy offers custom design and installation of heat pump systems for homes and businesses in southern Maine.

Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Here are just a few of the benefits of installing a heat pump system:

Reliable Home Comfort

Today’s heat pumps are designed to operate in temperatures as low as -15°F, making them a great option for Maine’s cold winter climate. You might choose to have us install one mini-split heat pump for greater comfort in a particular area, or have us design and install a whole-home heat pump system for greater comfort throughout your entire home. Heat pumps run on electricity, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of oil or propane again.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Unlike traditional heating systems which burn fossil fuels to generate heat, heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to transfer heat from one place to another. This makes them extremely energy efficient. In fact, heat pumps use less energy than any other system to heat and cool your home.

Energy Bill Savings

Less energy use means lower energy bills. It’s as simple as that. A heat pump reduces your reliance on fossil fuels, freeing you from spikes in gas, oil, and propane costs.

Custom Heat Pump Design & Installation

Your home or business deserves the best in indoor comfort and energy efficiency. If you’re considering heat pump installation, schedule a free site visit with Goggin Energy. One of our comfort consultants will sit down with you and discuss your needs — whether that’s greater comfort in a particular room, lower energy bills, or greater overall energy efficiency. Then, we’ll design multiple system options that are best suited to your home or property, so you can choose which system is best for you.

Once we’ve decided on the best system for your property and budget, our team will provide top-quality installation to ensure that you get the most from your new system.

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