Living room with mini split heat pump head unit

Here in Southern Maine, we know the pains of heating our houses in the winter. Heating costs seem to climb higher and higher with every coming year, and for those who rely on oil or propane for heat, it seems almost impossible to keep up with all of those fuel deliveries.

This makes it all the more important for Mainers to think about ways they could be using energy more efficiently in their home heating. After all—if you’re looking for ways to lower those heating bills, it really comes down to saving energy and reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

One of the best ways to conserve energy and reduce your home’s carbon footprint is with an energy efficient heat pump.

How Much Energy Can a Heat Pump Save?

Rather than burning fossil fuels to generate heat, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from one place to another. This makes them more efficient than other heating options like oil and propane burning boilers and furnaces.

In fact, heat pumps can achieve efficiencies well exceeding 100%. For comparison, the most efficient natural gas boilers out there have an efficiency rating of 95%.

Consider how the carbon emissions of heat pumps compare to other types of heating systems, according to Efficiency Maine. Ductless and ducted heat pumps generate:

  • 65% less carbon emissions than oil boilers and furnaces

  • 60% less carbon emissions than propane boilers and furnaces

  • 50% less carbon emissions than natural gas boilers and furnaces

Benefits Beyond Energy Savings

The benefits of heat pumps extend beyond energy savings. Here are some additional advantages of installing a heat pump in your home.

Cold temperature performance

Heat pumps are able to provide efficient heating even when temperatures are as low as -15°F.

Customizable comfort for your home

Install one ductless mini split in that one hard-to-heat room, or opt for a whole-home comfort solution.

Cooling in the summer

Unlike other heating system options, heat pumps can be switched into cooling mode to provide energy efficient air conditioning as well.

Efficiency Maine rebates

Certain types of heat pumps are eligible for Efficiency Maine rebates up to $1,500*. You can apply directly through this portal for Efficiency Maine financing.

Find Out How Much Energy You Can Save with a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to burning fossil fuels. They also boost the predictability and consistency of your utility costs.

If you want to discover the impact a heat pump could have on your energy usage and annual heating costs, talk to the team at Goggin Energy. We’ll gather important information about your home and design a proposal that includes cost comparisons, estimated savings, and more.

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