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October 21, 2019

The summer months are over, as are homeowners’ reliance on their air conditioning. Heat pump owners will soon be switching their units from air conditioning to heating mode. As the temperatures begin to drop, keep these tips in mind while doing home prep this fall to help you get the most out of your home’s heat pumps this winter.

Tips for Maximizing your Heat Pump’s Efficiency

Fall heat pump prep doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are a few guidelines to keep your heat pump running at optimal efficiency as the weather gets cold:

  • Clean up around your heat pump before winter hits

Too much ice or snow build-up around the outdoor unit can make it freeze up, and you’ll have to thaw the unit out before using it again. The fall season is a good time to trim back any hedges or bushes around your condenser unit to make sure they don’t become a problem once snow starts to fall. The same goes with checking for leaky or clogged gutters that could drip water or melting snow down on the condenser. 

  • Get your heat pump serviced and cleaned

The fall is a perfect opportunity for a routine check-up from a heat pump service technician. Dust and air filters should be cleaned or replaced, and the outdoor unit should be serviced and inspected to ensure optimal performance in winter, when you need it most!

  • Leave your thermostat where it is

Heat pumps are designed to run most efficiently when maintaining a set temperature. So, once the cold weather actually arrives and your heat pump kicks into gear, find a comfortable setting for your home, and then keep it there! And if you’re using a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature at different times of the day, make sure that the swing in temperature isn’t more than a +/-6ºF change. Any more and you could negatively affect your unit’s efficiency and potentially negate energy savings.

Goggin Energy, the Southern Maine Heat Pump Experts

Whether you already have a heat pump system installed or if you’re a Greater Portland area homeowner who’s been hearing a lot about the energy efficiency of heat pumps and are thinking about upgrading, give the professionals at Goggin Energy a call. We’ll head out to your home for a free site visit, where we can inspect your current system and make recommendations on how you can keep your home more comfortable this fall and winter, saving you money on your energy bills as well.

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