technician installing mini split heat pump inside home
December 5, 2018

What if instead of using one unit to heat your entire home, you could have multiple, smaller units deliver heat right where you need it? Rather than putting up with inconsistent indoor temperatures and relying on one thermostat to control your indoor comfort, you could set different areas of your home to be exactly as warm as you want them to be. You could even save energy and money by not heating the areas that don’t need it. It sounds like a luxury, right?

With mini split heat pumps, you can have this kind of comfort inside your home during the winter.

What Are Mini Split Heat Pumps?

Mini split heat pumps, like any type of heat pump, are dual-purpose units which provide energy efficient heating and cooling. In the winter, a mini split heat pump collects outside heat and moves it indoors. In the summer, it uses a reverse process to collect indoor heat and move it outdoors.

“Mini split” heat pump systems are so named because they consist of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor air handlers. These units all take up considerably less space than traditional heating and cooling equipment.

What Are the Benefits of a Mini Split Heat Pump System?

Greater Energy Efficiency

Mini split heat pumps are extremely energy efficient because they don’t need to burn fossil fuels like oil or propane to generate heat; they simply move heat from one place to another. Because mini split heat pumps require little to no ductwork for installation, they also avoid the inefficiencies associated with leaky ductwork.

Lower Annual Heating Costs

A mini split heat pump system could also help you lower your annual heating costs. According to Efficiency Maine, a typical ductless heat pump system costs $1,169 to run per year. That’s much less compared to typical furnace and boiler systems:

Typical Annual Home Heating Costs, According to Efficiency Maine

Ductless Heat Pump

Oil Boiler

Oil Furnace

Propane Boiler

Propane Furnace






Customized Comfort

A mini split system lets you customize your home comfort in a way that you simply can’t with a furnace or boiler. You can choose to install indoor units wherever they are needed, such as in the living room and bedrooms.

Plus, you can use your heat pump system to keep your house cool in the summer. This is perfect for homes in the Portland, ME area which typically do not have air conditioning systems.

Why Not Rely on Space Heaters?

When you compare a heat pump system to a traditional boiler or furnace system, it’s easy to see the advantages of mini split heat pumps. In addition to potential savings on heating costs, you’ll also experience more customized comfort throughout your home, all year long.

Still, we are often asked, “Why can’t I use space heaters to provide the same kind of comfort during the winter?” Remember: space heaters provide minimal heat in limited areas, so you need to stay close to them in order for them to be effective. Moreover, space heaters are not nearly as energy efficient as heat pumps. If you were to plug in and run multiple space heaters throughout your home all winter, you could expect to see a major jump in your utility bills.

For true home comfort this winter, consider a multi-unit heat pump system.

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