October 17, 2016

The Maine PUC (Public Utilities Commission) has proposed new rules for solar arrays. Basically, systems which are installed by 12/31/16 will be able to continue net metering for 15 years (versus today when net metering has no end date). Systems installed after 12/31/16 will have 10 years of "net metering" AND will be able to net meter only 90% of transmission and distribution charges; effectively a solar power producer would be credited for about 95% of a kilowatt hour. Each year, solar power producers would be able to "net meter" a lower and lower percentage of the T&D rate until by the end of the 10 year period the system would have no net metering at all. 

(Net metering is the name given to the regulations which require a utility to give a solar system owner a credit for each kilowatt hour which that system puts on to the grid, effectively making the grid a bank for solar system users. Net metering has been found to have a net positive impact on all ratepayers bills, because the power put on to the grid is generally during peak hours, when it has the greatest value, and tends to be pulled from the grid during off peak hours).

If you were planning on installing a PV system next year, we strongly urge you to accelerate that decision and get that PV system installed and connected prior to the end of this calendar year.

There has never been a better time to go solar - especially here in Maine!

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