May 30, 2019
switching to a heat pump: what you need to know infographic goggin energy

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Whether you heat your home with a boiler or furnace, switching to a heat pump can offer impressive benefits.

Why Convert to a Heat Pump System?

A heat pump provides efficient heating and cooling for your home, helping you feel more comfortable while saving energy. Benefits of switching to a heat pump include:

  • Heating & cooling with one system

  • Greater energy efficiency

  • Lower annual heating costs

  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels

  • More predictable utility costs

  • Increased home safety

Ducted vs. Ductless

There are two major types of heat pumps: ducted and ductless.


A ducted heat pump connects to ductwork to deliver heated and cooled air throughout the house.

This is a great option if…

  • Your home has existing ductwork

  • You have a large attic

  • There are several bedrooms on the second floor


Ductless heat pumps eliminate the need for ductwork and are installed in the areas they condition. Install multiple indoor units for a whole home comfort solution.

These are a great option if…

  • You want customizable home comfort

  • You want to supplement your heating system

  • Your home has no ductwork

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