Are Heat Pump Water Heaters noisy?

Noise is measured in decibels (db).  Most heat pumps operate between 47 and 57 db. The lower the number, the quieter the unit is.  

What happens when the power goes out?

As an electrical appliance, the heat pump will not work in a power outage unless you have a generator or home battery system. When the power comes back on, heat pumps restart to the mode they were in before the outage.

How do I sign into my client hub?
How do I sign into my client hub?
Why is water dripping from my indoor unit?

Water should NOT be dripping from your indoor unit; it should be leaving the indoor unit via the condensate line and dripping outside the house. If you see water on the indoor unit, please shut the unit off and call us immediately. 

Are there rebates available for solar electricity systems?

Unfortunately it has been some years since Maine has offered rebates for solar arrays. However, the Federal Tax Credit of 26% is still available in 2020.  Please consult your tax advisor to determine if you are eligible to take advantage of the federal tax credit. 

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