At Goggin Energy, we design and install industry-leading heat pump systems for homes and businesses in the Portland area and throughout southern Maine. We work with top-quality equipment from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, including Fujitsu.

Wondering what a Fujitsu heat pump can do for your home or business? Here are just a few of the benefits that a heat pump from Fujitsu can offer.

Energy Savings

Fujitsu heat pumps are remarkably energy efficient and can help reduce your utility bills by up to 24%. If you pay $4,200 per year in utility costs on average, that’s $1,000 in energy savings every year. Start feeling more comfortable indoors while paying less.

Year-Round Comfort

Fujitsu heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, giving you year-round comfort no matter the temperature outside. Some units are rated to operate at temperatures as low as -15°F, making them a great option for keeping warm even in Maine’s cold winter climate.

Individual Zoning

With a Fujitsu multi-room heat pump system, you can customize indoor temperatures for multiple rooms are areas within your home (or commercial space.) Keep your living room at a cozy 72°F during the day and each of your bedrooms at a cool 68°F while you sleep at night.

Simple, Quiet Operation

With smart controls and features like Wi-Fi integration, you can easily customize your indoor comfort using your smartphone, fine-tune temperature settings, and more. Fujitsu indoor units are also impressively quiet, with noise levels as low as a human whisper.

Is a Fujitsu Heat Pump Right for You?

Are you considering a Fujitsu heat pump for your home or business? The comfort consultants at Goggin Energy can help you determine whether a Fujitsu heat pump is right for you — and if so, which model will offer you the maximum benefits. Schedule a site visit today to find out if a heat pump is your best option for increasing indoor comfort, saving on your energy bills, and more.

A Fujitsu heat pump can increase your energy savings, enhance indoor comfort, and more. Call


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A Fujitsu heat pump can help you boost indoor comfort and energy savings.

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