June 18, 2019
air conditioner vs heat pump infographic goggin

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Summer in Maine seems to get hotter every year, and that has many Mainers adding a cooling system to their home. But which cooling system is best for you: an air conditioner or a heat pump?

Air Conditioner

Heat Pump

What It Does

Cools Only

Heats & Cools

How It Works

  1. Absorbs heat from the air

  2. Uses refrigerant to send heat to the outdoor unit

  3. Sends cold refrigerant back into the home

  1. Works much like an air conditioner does in the summer

  2. Uses a similar but reverse process to provide energy efficient heat in the winter


Ductwork is required

Ducted & ductless options are available

Centralized vs. Zoned Comfort

Provides centralized comfort only

Can provide centralized or zoned comfort

Energy Efficiency

The best options have an efficiency rating of 18 to 21 SEER

Many options have an efficiency rating of 21 SEER or higher

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